Moving Supplies

Shelton, WA Moving And Packing Supplies

At Freeway Mini Storage of Shelton, we make everything easy. On our facility site, you can find everything you need to make your storage solutions complete. We carry a large selection of moving and packing supplies right on site. This means, you don’t have to waste time running all over town to find exactly what you need.

Boxes Large and Small

  • Small Box–1.5 CF
  • Medium Box–3.0 CF
  • Medium-Large Box–4.5 CF
  • XL (Large) Box–6 CF
  • Wardrobe Box–20″ Wide w/ Bar
  • File Box w/ Lid
  • Quick Pak—5 small boxes, 3 medium boxes, 2 large boxes, 1 roll of bubble wrap, 1 roll of tearable tape, and 1 external carton—VALUE BUY!
  • Storage Pak—10 small boxes, 10 medium boxes, 3 large boxes, 2 rolls of tape w/ dispenser, and 1 external carton—VALUE BUY!

Boxes And Wrap

Keep your personal belongings safe by packing items in boxes and safety wrap. Purchase boxes and wrapping supplies for almost any size item you need. Choose from boxes in a wide range of sizes and safety supplies like bubble wrap, or foam peanuts. Our name brand protects will give you confidence that you are packing, using the very best.

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Bubble Wrap, Peanuts and Pads

  • 24″ x 10′ Bubble Wrap
  • 12″ x 15′ Bubble Wrap
  • Newsprint 5#
  • Bubble Wrap Box 12” x 150’

Large Items And Furniture

Big items need to be protected as well. Purchase mattress bags in all different sizes as well as furniture covers to keep items secure and safe. We also offer helpful accessories like rope and tape. At Freeway Mini Storage, you will find everything you need to protect your items all in one simple place.

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Bags, Blankets and Covers

  • King Mattress Bag
  • Queen Mattress Bag
  • Full Mattress Bag
  • Twin Mattress Bags (2 Pack)
  • Dust Cover (10′ x 20′)
  • Clear Flat Shrink Wrap (5″ x 1000′)
  • 20 inch Shrink/Pallet Wrap

Simple Storage Solutions

At Freeway Mini Storage of Shelton, we want to help you with every aspect of your packing and storing day. Our management team is always available to answer your questions or provide you with anything you might need. Visit our office for tips and advice on how to pack, move, and store your items so that they are secure and safe.

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Tape, Knives, Locks and Rope

  • 2 Roll Tape Gun
  • White Nylon Rope
  • 3 Roll Tape and Dispenser
  • Premium Tear able Tape (Single)
  • 2 ¾ Stainless Steel Disc Lock (Packaged)
  • Small Utility Knife / Box Cutter

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